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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadThe Seattle Storm have proven that the WNBA product can work and be highly effective without an NBA parent company behind it. A member of the Storm since the early 2000s, when they did have the Seattle Sonics in the Key Arena, Kyle Waters

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadLook no further than Shawn Smith for the digital strategy success of the NBA Development League, where Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers” for each team and the NBADL are at astronomical highs, outpacing even some major league professional teams around the globe. Smith speaks

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadBrad Wolverton covers college sports for the Chronicle of Higher Education, seeing it from the view of academia reporting, and analyzing several of the issues that affect a campus as a whole. Wolverton discusses the Missouri protests which removed both the university president and

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadKevin Kleps represents the changing world of sports business, crossing over from traditional financial coverage at Crains Cleveland Business to cover the sports business segmentation of the major Ohio city. Kleps starts off with his assessment of how to build not only a reputation

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadMichael Rust is part of the analytics revolution for third party ticket sales groups, serving as the coordinator for database marketing at the Aspire Group, on the campus of Miami-Ohio University. Rust discusses how he goes about merging a lot of different segmentations together,

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadDustin Toms has been utilizing his background in journalism and public relations, not just to help build the social media and communications plan for the Spokane Indians minor league baseball team, but to improve his sales tactics and marketing plan throughout the season. Toms

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadLindsey Boggs has started to blaze a trail in the sales world, through her early adoption of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. On the LinkedIn platform, Boggs has a 99% Social Selling Index (SSI), and has trained three teams to generate more leads,

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Podcast Episodes Play in new window | DownloadJim Fiore was once on the fast-track for college athletics administration stardom. After a decade of leading Stony Brook University into an FCS powerhouse, with a phenomenal turnaround, including capturing the 2011-12 UnderArmour Northeast Region AD of the Year, to being terminated by the

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