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Ticket Option Patent Playoff Ticket Option Patent Goes To Auction - A vague patent on playoff ticketing practices is going up for auction, and could set off a potentially larger ‘patent troll‘ ligation issue for the sports, ticketing and travel industry depending on the auction winner. The ‘playoff ticket option’ patent holder is auctioning off his invention claims through the ICAP patent brokerage firm on April... [Read More]

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IAnand Ep. 484 – Ishveen Anand (Principle, OpenSponsorship) - Ishveen Anand has been working in the sports sponsorship space for over 7 years, helping develop engagement and impact for her clients. Founding her own company, OpenSponsorship, in the summer of 2014, Anand has taken her talents onto a global scale. Anand discusses some of the ways in which international sponsorship have affected sports revenue,... [Read More]