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2015 NFL Secondary Market Week 3 Recap


Week 3 of the 2015 NFL season offered up some interesting match-ups for brokers, but some of the more historical ones were flat, meaning resellers took a bath on the results. The Washington Redskins-New York Giants had a $143.09 ARP high in 2013, and hasn’t caught up since in the last two match-ups. The 2015 offering wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t up to snuff with what a broker might expect to get. Unlike in the past two years, the WAS-NYG game was played much earlier in the season, therefore theoretically, the hopes and dreams of buyers would still be marching their teams to the NFL playoffs. Nope, not even close. A $131.95 ARP was just flat and played out.

WAS-NYGNotice that where the WAS-NYG game ARP ranked, it wasn’t even close to being a top contender. And it fell to the average area reserved for the TAM-HOU game and other soft match-ups on the secondary.SG NFL1

Data: SeatGeek – Secondary Market Glossary: Click here


PHL-NYJ Hold $6.2 Mil CAP

The Philadelphia Eagles’ game against the New York Jets won out the entire secondary with a marketing cap of $6.2 million, showing off a $161.15 ARP off a $98.43 GIP (5,597 SVG). One of the biggest takes was the fact that the 301% MLP-GIP Chasm Avg was wide, but not as massive as offerings, meaning that it wasn’t excessive. An inventory hot spread was $258,202.95 but was overall cooled by the fact that the cold spread hit $605,876.71 and really didn’t ignite up the resale markets as much as it could have. Demand wasn’t enough to overtake the overall inventory listed in the last remaining days of the marketplace for the PHI-NYJ game.


TicketNetwork’s channels showed some interested markers when it came to 2 out of the door, the Arizona-SF game hitting nearly $450 ARP at 7DE only to cool off to into the $250-$300 category.TN NFL3SG NFL3SG NFL4

Looking Ahead to Week 4 Action

Several of the resale markets for the NFL are starting to ease out into their normalcy patterns. After seeing the epic highest of the first two weeks, there is a cooling off period as the teams start to show whether they are pretenders to the throne or are playoff worthy. StubHub’s Week 4 numbers reveal that Monday Night Football (Detroit-Seattle) isn’t the draw as much as it used to be, with the resale price dropping into the low-$90s/high-$80s during the last 7 days. Conversely, Cowboys-Saints is actually starting to heat up a little, where the starting price was $93 and now it is moved up into the low-$100’s level.

SHNFLW4TicketNetwork’s channels show that the asking prices across the board have dropped overall from the week previous. People are feeling out their teams, finally, and demand is starting to recover from the insanity of 32 teams winning the Super Bowl. That includes the Cincinnati Bengals, which shows you how far fan delusion can extend to in the first few games of the season.


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