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A.C.O. = Always Create Opportunities

Regardless of the product, there is always a different slice to provide to the customer. If it is in demand, that’s easy to recognize. But even when it isn’t in demand, there is a new piece of inventory that can be created, sold, which fits the specific want, need or desire that the customer has.

All you have to do, is find it.

Courtside seats have been the norm for some time. But where Jack Nicholson sat while courtside at The L.A. Lakers games made those seats a different piece of inventory. The “Nicholson” seats are only 2 or 5 seats off from the other courtside seats all around the court, but they carry with it a different sigma. Those are exclusives. That’s where the attention of everyone in the building will go, during the entire game.

That empty area in the concourse may be a different club area waiting to happen.

What about that dead area in the stands, which could be converted into an all-you-can-eat section?

That unused entrance may be a VIP red carpet arrival area for your top donors.

It comes down to recognizing these opportunities and capitalizing on them.

A.C.O. = Always Create Opportunities.

This how you, as well as your organization, generate more revenue.

Opportunities in a venue are created by exploiting access. When you close off access to the many, the few want to jump on board. As much as people love to tout inclusivity, they rarely wish to actually exhibit it. Because everyone wants to be in a place where only they are in, and only a few others like them. And they are willing to pay for it. Over and over again.

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