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A Deal To Be Had

I’ve never paid the full price for my apartment WiFi service. Never had to. They always are willing to cut me a deal in order to re-up for another year, which I would do anyway. So, their price really isn’t their price, unless you are stupid enough to pay it.

Whenever my contract comes up, I just call the number, tell them that I am about to cancel, and they rush to… give me the deal.

It’s a deal to be had, but a dumb circle of nonsense.

That’s why I can’t really complain at the times when the WiFi service goes down, or doesn’t really go at full speed. And those times do exist.

Basically, they’re just as disengaged as I am, going after the marketshare rather than quality. But then again, so am I.

As a customer, I cannot demand quality if I am unwilling to pay for it. Nor should I expect it.

As a provider, they cannot demand customer loyalty, if they are unwilling to reject those who deny it.

This circle happens because there is a deal to be had, thus that’s all it is. If a competitor came and offered me the same service at a cheaper rate, I’d go with them. Because its meaningless in the scheme of things.

Think about that the next time you get that customer, calling you, asking for yet another discount, unwilling to pay full freight. Are you just a deal to be had?

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