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A Multiple Audience Strategy

When you sell to multiple audiences at once, you gain more customers. But you have to service them on an entire exclusive basis, while spreading yourself against other constituencies.

This is where a multiple audience strategy needs to exist.

How do you make sure that the construction workers enjoy your product in the same way that the legal industry or grocery union does? How do you conduct a youth sports night, at the same time that you welcome the Red Hat Society?

This comes down to understanding ways to selectively engage each audience, through strategic initiatives, at the same time, while making them feel as if they are the only people in the room.

If you are willing to sell the product to them, be ready to carry it out in terms of deliverables. Whether that means messaging through the public address system, or honoring them during segments, each must fit within an exclusive diagram where they do not feel cheated.

Multiple groups sometimes happen on the same night. But that doesn’t mean that any of them to walk away feeling ignored.

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