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A Red Hat Society Group Night?

I’ve never heard of a Red Hat Society Group Night at a game? And I won’t if its not enough young people listening to the old.

When my grandmother was transitioned to an assisted living home, she was welcomed by The Red Hat Society. Founded in 1998, it is for women who are 50 or old, and there are 20,000 chapters in the United States, and upwards of a 100,000 members.

It comes from a Jenny Joseph poem which begins with “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn’t suit me.” The focus is of older women to grow playful, to do it on their terms.

The fact that this isn’t a group night, or a group experience, for a mass of people who wish to be around others in their golden years, is a missed opportunity.

They have processions and Hatquarters. And they have grown organically, through word-of-mouth.

This comes to an example of listening to the old. Had I not paid attention when they brought my grandmother into their membership during her assistant living home tenure, I never would have imagined. And its likely a group that may find more outside activities such as attending games as an encouragement and excitement to their daily lives.

Many of these organizations exist, but don’t do so in the public eye. And they are invaluable to those who listen.

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