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Are Staff Developing Or Regressing?

Professional development is a key to success. It not only helps a staff member grow, but ensures that the organization is filled with new ideas.

Since the 2008 economy crash, several organizations have stopped funding professional development for their staff. They don’t have the money for it, nor will they provide the time for the staff to attend.

Consider what this does, when a staff member believes themselves to be on an island. They stop progressing. They stop thinking that there are alternatives out there, which foster their enthusiasm toward building their career.

A fear of supervisors is that paying for staff to attend conferences will result in those staff members leaving for new jobs elsewhere. But what if those staffs who aren’t going to professional conferences and learning more about building their career, choose to stay?

It falls within a catch-22. You want staff growth, but not a staff exodus. But by providing nothing, but you result in staff regression and stagnation.

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