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Are You Building Sponsorship Activation?

This is a trick question, but it should be asked continuously:

How does your franchise view sponsorship activation opportunities?

It can’t just be a sign up on a wall, stating that this business supports your business, so therefore, customers need to go to that business.

Activation doesn’t work that way, and if there are corporate sponsorship representatives who are selling product that way to businesses, they are doing the sports team a stark disservice. Mainly because after the end-all tally gets made, the activation will be minimal at best, and the sponsor will be ready to leave the agreement, rather than re-up for another term.

This is where the activation terms get tricky:

How do you drive customers through the doors of other businesses?

You cannot simply rely on the customers to affiliate or link your sports sponsor with the team. Even if they do, it will not show up enough to allow you to show linkage to the sponsor.

Pull out all of the CPM or KPIs that you like, it still may not come down to actual dollars going back into the coffers of the sponsor. And even if they are, the sponsor may not link their involvement with you as the reasoning for the customer buying their product.

A lot of this comes down to linkage. The ability to really seek out opportunities to show how your customers are actually buying your sponsor’s product, and continually show that effort to the sponsor long-term over the entire relationship of the deal.

The last thing that any corporate sponsorship rep should do is wait to dump a KPI or CPM study on the desk of the sponsor during the re-up period, because it may be 10 months after the initial deal was signed, and a lot of nonsense ideas may have crept into the head of the sponsor during that time that may not be true.

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