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Are You Training To Train?

It matters that sales trainers show results through the efforts of the sales staff. It matters that there is evidence of a larger progression. Otherwise, it was a wasted day or week, which is a finite amount of time for selling.

Sales staffs don’t react the same to sales training concepts. Some will take to it, others will do enough to get by and a few will reject it entirely in order to keep on doing the same thing they are always doing.

This is where the supervisor who hired the sales trainer needs to become involved. Its not always the sales trainers fault when some of the members of the staff just go through the motions. Part of the evaluation process of the staff needs to be how they are acting and reacting to sales training.

Not just getting staff energized to interact during the training process, but afterward as well.

Sales training is about an effect and affect on your staff.

The effect is showing more sales overall. The affect is the emotional intelligence that fosters from the staff in becoming more creative in how they sell after the trainer has left the building.

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