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Are You Wasting Your Sales Reps’ Time?

Training is a great opportunity to build education for your sales staff, but not at the expense of actual revenue generation.

Too often, the training occurs at the worst hours of the day: During the periods in the morning or afternoon when those sales reps should be engaged with their prospects, whether that’s in their community, digitally or on the phones.

Think about the message that you are sending your sales reps by doing this. They are supposed to be focused on building organizational wealth, as well as driving their own commissions.

Yet, if you are eliminating both, you are creating order-takers, folks who stop worrying about driving income instead just waiting for customers to reach out to them.

That’s totally the opposite of what any sales training environment should be. Especially when time is so finite.

Make sure that the sales trainer that you hire knows this. That they shouldn’t be utilizing filler information, or regurgitate sales training that’s been heard multiple times prior. And make sure that the sales trainer is actually focused on helping work with each of the reps, even in a 1-on-1 basis, in order to avoid a glut of time being tossed to go over “the basics.”

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