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Automation: Garbage In And Garbage Out

I decided to do a follow-up to a previous post about workflow automation last month. It got some reaction, and with good reason, because its a topic in sports sales we still don’t hear a lot about.

That doesn’t mean every other sales staff pushing other products isn’t using workflow e-mail automation. It just means that the practice is still limited in sports business.

A concern about sports business sales staffs using e-mail automation is that they will likely provide it as a garbage technique. Much like phone crushing at 100 calls per day. There is no quality to that type of practice. In anything, but especially in e-mail writing.

Workflow e-mail automation isn’t spam, nor should it be.

This is about trying to develop a long-term conversation based on the habits of the consumer. To have them look over packaging and options, while the sales rep then starts doing this technique with other prospects as well.

It’s essentially scheduling follow-up e-mails, with a controlled setting and dialogue, which sounds personal enough, but is mass marketed.

As unfortunate as it sounds, the garbage in/garbage out issue remains. Will sales reps put enough time into their workflow automation, writing up scripts that are not only to the point, but also sound genuine and brief, in order to captivate the prospect and build the conversation?

Chances are, if there is a focus on this practice, it can help close many more deals than of customers that it can turn off.

But the script has to be quality, not bad written generic crap.

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