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Avoid Becoming An Anti-King Midas

Everyone knows and understands the story of King Midas. Whatever he touched turned to gold. The moral of the story was that after a while, that which he valued caused him to be cursed, since even the folks that he loved and touched turned to gold also.

But there is also the Anti-King Midas. The person who, no matter what they touch, transform gold into crap. Literally, once they are involved in a project, whatever they put their fingertips on transforms into a money-losing adventure.

My view of why this happens is simple: They don’t have a view of the customer’s wants, needs or desires. Instead, they focus on what they want. And generally speaking, those Anti-King Midas folks do not reflect the customers that they are attempting to attract. Not even in the least.

A prime example of this was a successful sports bar owner, who hired a new manager to run the place while he went on a two month European vacation. The sports bar was very profitable, but the new manager didn’t really care for sports. In fact, he was more of a night club clientele type of person. He wanted to get all of the attractive young hip customers in the door, blare loud club music, and even put out bowls of Lucky Charms on the tables for people to snack on.

Needless to say, that sports bar was on its last legs within a few months, especially after the manager, in an effort to “cut costs,” dropped the NFL Sunday Ticket and decided that cable was good enough for his customers. Within a few weeks, the owner returned from his vacation, saw the damage that had been inflicted, and fired the Anti-King Midas manager.

This doesn’t mean that the manager was a bad person. The manager just didn’t understand the sports bar customer. In a night club setting, the manager would likely have been one of the best, because he understood that night club customer. Unfortunately, we have a lot of folks who do not understand their customers, and wonder why they cannot attract them to venues.

Free tickets is a symptom of becoming an Anti-King Midas. By doing so, the paper hanger is proving that they do not understand why people venture out to sporting events. The moment that you believe that the price of an event’s entry is the motivating factor beyond what happens instead the event upon entry, you have lost the entire battle. But Anti-King Midas folks exist in this format, since they don’t know what they have, who they want, or how to get that person to venture through their turnstyles paying full price.

It’s best to avoid becoming an Anti-King Midas. When something works, expand it, don’t question whether it should be done at all. That’s the role of the Anti-King Midas, to change what they did not create, because nothing can be achieved until they have solidly created it. Therefore, nothing existed in the past which was correct, simply because they weren’t a part of it. The Anti-King Midas suffers from a delusion of ego, where everything successful must come from their ideas, otherwise it should never be implemented.

Anti-King Midas folks also believe that they know better than basic business practices. Especially when it comes to sales methods of the past. That’s when you hear about people who don’t want to do a sales cycle up front, because they expect sports fans to purchase tickets the day of the game. The Anti-King Midas resists change, because they didn’t think of the idea first, or they believe that what they experienced in the past in terms of a promotional or marketing idea still holds true, even though the world has changed around them.

The Anti-King Midas holds onto the past, then wonders why their “truths” about marketing and sales don’t prove out. Yet they keep walking around, touching everything that they can, hoping that the gold will continue to flourish. Instead, all they do is transform gold into garbage.

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