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Bad Systems, Good People

I’ve worked in some bad systems. There were good people there, but inevitably, bad systems drag down good people. After a while, you start to wonder what you are doing there. Eventually, you aren’t there, and its the end of the road.

The problem with bad systems is that they are built trying to protect something, but often fail. Whether that be legacy or ego or superficial “leadership.” Bad leaders tend to refer to leadership mottos often, and never really understand how to carry most of the good leadership principles out.

This may sound like I am grousing. Nope. Just the opposite.

If you got bitten by a snake, but then ended up getting the venom out, you’d be thankful. Much of the same comes from leaving a bad system. You recognize the instant that it is over that you are better off, and you elevate yourself back toward looking for a good system to work in.

Good people can exist in both good and bad systems, but only are productive in the former, not the latter. The end result of a bad system is that good people tend to do less, because they feel it doesn’t yield any productivity, just more negative culture.

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