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Clare Cost Me Gas Money

When I was working at Seattle University, I would have to use the UPS Store consistently. There was one on First Hill, right down the road, and I would bring the season ticket packages there to mail out.

It was a great example of customer loyalty to one specific rep. For me, her name was Clare.

Clare knew when to expect my order. She had all of the processing done prior to my arrival, and made it as painless as possible. Eventually, I would bring her more business specifically because I knew she would handle it.

Then, Clare got a promotion. She was moved to the SoDo District, which was further away than the First Hill location.

That’s where I ended up taking my packaging. Not to the First Hill location which was closer, but the SoDo District, where I had to spend extra money on gas, as well as pay for parking, and struggle to park in general especially during Mariners home dates.

I did it because Clare was there. Because the service was better than having to have someone at the First Hill location screw it up.

That’s a testament to service. Customers will go farther, do more, in order to experience better service.

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