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Consistent Messaging Can Mean T.B.A. On Game Times

There is always the messaging anticipation of getting a schedule out to fans. A lot of folks want to know as soon as possible, when the game date and times are. However, it is more important to be consistent with the message before releasing any information. Sometimes that means releasing information late in the off-season calendar, but there’s more at stake. There’s also the credibility to the fan.

Credibility can cost an organization plenty. Especially when game times or dates are released, then changed numerous times. The end result is that someone always shows up at the wrong time, disappointed to find that the game has already culminated, or that they have six hours to wait until it actually begins.

All because the consistency of message was lost in the eagerness of releasing information as soon as possible. Thus, the franchise’s credibility goes with it.

This doesn’t mean that you hold information forever. But, you shouldn’t be so willing to release it if there is the possibility of a change, or a discrepancy.

Messaging Remains Important

Consider how the fan reacts to buying the product. Especially when they are fixated on the game time or date. Now, consider how much that interest or reaction changes, when those variable factors are altered.

This is why the T.B.A. messaging for game time is important to a franchise, especially when the game has the possibility of being played within a television window. While some fans will get upset, it can train the attending population to check the schedule online, or continue to be aware that the time is always “to be announced.”

It is one of the oldest ways in the book to showcase fans a consistency of not knowing something in terms of messaging, but not being rash with delivering the wrong information, yet one of the most effective at ensuring that fans retain franchise credibility in the message that is delivered.

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