What is Tao of Sports

I started The Tao of Sports Podcast in October of 2012.

The reasoning behind it was simple: I didn’t feel that there was enough credible information out there by sports professionals that could be used as a teaching tool – not only for those students about to graduate who were looking for a job in sports, but also those who were already working in the sports field.

There are a lot of archaic notions of sports marketing out there – often spread by hyperbole over fact – The Tao of Sports Podcast was developed to combat some of those ill-faded concepts such as “giving away free tickets means getting more customers to buy later.” Because of this, and with the encouragement that I received after releasing the first episode, The Tao of Sports Podcast continued to grow and thrive.

I still find myself in awe of those sports professionals who have provided time, energy and their voice to the podcast – some of these guests are the biggest names in the field: Jon Spoelstra, Greg Byrne, Mike Humes, Rob Cornilles, Leigh Steinberg, Jamie Morningstar, Rob Sine, Leigh Castergine, Mike Veeck and well over 300 others. It boggles the mind that during Cactus League Spring Training in 2013, I found myself on a working vacation, gathering some of my favorite interviews during that time (Gary Gelinas & The Phoenix Coyotes Sales Staff). During Spring Training 2014, I was able to go to all 10 Cactus League parks and engage with several more sports professionals for another working vacation.

As The Tao of Sports Podcast continued into 2013, I started finding myself more engaged with blogs – my goal was to spread around ideas, to see if they could be expanded further and create a dialogue on subjects such as sports marketing, revenue streams, merchandise, promotions, ticket sales, and professional development. The response was such that by the summer of 2013, I started contemplating how to expand The Tao of Sports further, beyond some simple podcasts or blog posts.

That is where this redesign comes in. There is a lot more flexibility to help those who come into the site explore into it. I expect the e-mail insider list to grow as well, as accessible to some of the great e-books, white papers, blog posts and other content lies waiting when they sign up for access.

I’m excited for the several conferences that I’ve been able to attend in 2014: Keynote & Session Speaker at Ticket Return’s Ticket Forum, NACDA’s Ticketing Track, and The Association of Luxury Suite Director’s Conference. All of these opportunities allow me to engage and connect with industry peers as we all ask the question: How do we improve on what we’re doing in the sports industry?

Great stuff.

By all means, send me a message with the form below – I always respond, especially if you tell me that you don’t like the Montana Grizzlies either… (I’m kidding, sort of)…


Troy Kirby
Tao of Sports