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Conversations Via Automation

I tend to think of automation as a good investment, if done properly. I’ve been an advocate, simply because it allows multiple conversations with prospects to go on, at different times, without the sales rep being constantly bogged down.

The issue is the CRM capabilities, as well as the alarms set, in order to keep the sales rep involved in the automation workflow. It cannot be left alone. Otherwise, the prospect will end up dancing in the dark.

Sales reps need to realize that this is a conversation technique. Automation simply provides some ability to circumvent having to remember to send follow-up e-mails based on specific habits (opens, link clicks, etc.), but doesn’t negate the entire interaction with the prospect entirely.

The product won’t sell itself. Neither will the workflow e-mail automation.

Spam will just get unsubscribed or blocked.

This means that the conversation needs to be followed. It needs to have specific points where the internal CRM monitors alert the sales rep when the prospect has completed specific benchmarks, so that the sales rep can take over the conversation with a genuine follow-up contact.

Genuine means that you are writing that e-mail, making that phone call, providing that outreach to that prospect at that point, not 10 weeks prior when you set up the workflow process for the prospect to go through. It means being consistent, and knowing when the prospect is ready for the larger, greater conversation to begin.

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