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Do You Believe In Your Product

No one should sell a product that they do not believe in. A lot of folks try. They make the attempt. And they become bad actors.

When someone doesn’t believe in their own product, yet make attempts to sell it to prospects, they come off as false. They only know the uses that the product holds which were the original examples given to them in training. Someone who believes in their product, fully, can think of 200 different uses that are intangible to their own personal experience.

Not everyone can act. Nor can just anyone dance.

The same goes for selling.

Either you got it, or you don’t.

Most of it comes down to the belief of whether you trust the product, would use the product, and know of ways completely foreign to anybody else of why the product is invaluable in everyday life.

That belief can’t be found in training. It has to be there, inherently. That’s why a lot of people come into sales looking at the commission and wash out after 6 months. They didn’t have a belief in why the product was necessary in the first place.

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