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Do You Maximize Your Retreats?

Amazing as it sounds, organizational retreats typically aren’t as strategic as they should be. That’s because building an agenda isn’t the sole purpose.

It’s about asking a solid question: “What does every member of this organization attending ensure to get out of this time together?”

If you can’t figure out the why, then the how isn’t going to jive.

Yet, retreats focusing on a speaker who isn’t vetted does nothing for your organizational members. Especially when they are looking at the ceiling, wondering why they are there in the first place.

Those who are forming the retreat should meet separately, and plan out the entire agenda together. This takes a few weeks in advance, as well as asking those attending members what they want to hear about, or gain.

This isn’t a bitch session. But this also shouldn’t be a dictation. It should be a collaborative effort that culminates in one of the better uses of time for every member involved.

If not, its a waste of time, and shouldn’t occur.

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