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Does Your Trainer Challenge You?

When sales trainers come into a situation, there’s the issue of whether they become more like a bad doctor; the idea that they are merely trying to ensure that you are sick enough to see them again.

Everybody wants renewals. But the last thing that a sales trainer should want is to witness marginal success after their instruction from the sales floor. Yet, because of conventional approaches, sales trainers typically have to play to the level of the executives hiring them.

Consider what that means: A sales trainer that doesn’t challenge the executive hiring them, offering up new ideas that are radical in their purpose and process, is merely just a bad doctor.

It is also the sign of a bad executive that allows this, or fosters it, as a typical way of retaining control of their sales environment. Executives should want to see their sales processes grow, regardless of the method, even if it is completely the opposite approach that they themselves would have diagnosed.

Feeding into a bad system is a garbage in/garbage out mentality. The results won’t be there when the sales trainers’ methodology hasn’t changed, or hasn’t challenged the organizations that they are hired to instruct. Because it will be deemed false by the sales reps, who know better already and are just waiting for the green light to act upon what they’ve learned.

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