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Driving Up The Price

Demand drives up a price like nothing else. If you have demand, people will pay more for it. You only get demand by cultivating it. By making sure that people want it more than anything else.

Notice how retail is always previewing the next item that is about to go on-sale. It has a few more features than the last one. Your same item that you bought two years ago will work just fine, but not as well as this new one.

The same goes for building demand for your ticket customers.

What about a 2.0 enhancement to a group sale? Yes, as a group leader, you can still have the same results as last year, but if you purchase up to a higher level, instead of buying 50 tickets, you purchase 100, you will gain another unique result? Something that wasn’t available the year prior.

Customers want to feel as if they are achieving something when they buy tickets. They want to know that the more they buy, the more unique the experience they will gain. But it also means rolling out a different feature within that experience, that couldn’t have happened the season prior. Which makes it more unique, and worth obtaining.

That’s how you get the price up. By offering something more in value. Group sales don’t have to be discounted tickets. They could be far more expense than regular tickets, if only the value and achievements follow.

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