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Each Group Member As A Leader

I’ve been thinking a lot about group referrals recently. The idea of getting more group tickets, as well as different groups, to come out, based on another group’s experience.

Think about how group leaders exist: They are built as a point of contact for a specific organization or association.

Yet, inside each group are potential new group leaders. Each of those folks who are within the first group, have their own associations and organizations which they could lead. Often, they aren’t individually cultivated by a sales rep. They’re almost regarded as off-limits because they are within the group that was sold on Boy Scouts Night.

Each individual group member is a potential group sale, if they see the experience and benefit to themselves in order to foster a new group.

It’s time to stop thinking them as one-offs. And perhaps cultivating them can build new groups, or associations, that haven’t come out to your venue ever.

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