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Empty Suites Present Great Group Opportunities

Luxury suites that don’t get sold often sit dormant during games. But they don’t have to. There are several ways to re-engage the luxury suite space if the box is otherwise dark for a few games or a season. One of the best ways is to sell it to a group leader as an upgrade option when they have a group of 20 that may yield a lot more season ticket opportunities down the road.

Most of the suite may not have the prospects you want inside. But that varies from what account executives can glean from a group leader. If it’s a company full of executives on a group night experience, the fact that they are in a controlled, luxury space environment may end up being a boon for more business down the road. It is also a way to showcase to others that your suites are full.

Luxury suite spaces offer something that regular premium cannot: The ability to create great cultivation by account representatives, who can move around the space in a controlled environment, meeting group stakeholders, without disturbing others. This is where longer-term buyers, presented as invisible stakeholders within the group, have the opportunity to reveal themselves.

This is also an opportunity bring in local celebrity or team alumni into the suite, presenting the group leader with an extra experiential component to help renew that group package down the line. This transforms a normal group experience into a meet-and-greet VIP one, and allows the association between what the group leader was offered to be built into an added-value buy.

These are the types of scenarios that you can also present as an option to the group leader. The upgrade doesn’t have to be a free one, but can be performed on a qualifying basis to find out who will be invited and what their role within the company or community is.

All of this turns an empty suite into a revenue booster for the team. And it likely creates more demand when you have those big luxury suite spaces going dark for the season because a client backs out their contract or decides not to renew. It all depends on whether you present the right added-value scenario to the group leader or if they even know that getting into a luxury suite space for a night is an option. Chances are, the group leader will be more engaged with the opportunity and there will be a massive amount of prospecting by account representatives to show a return on the overall effort.

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