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Ep. 119 – Evento Founder Ophir Zardok

The ticket sales platform game is changing, and Evento is one of the products which may help change how fans purchase online tickets in the next few years. Half a world away in Tel Aviv, Israel, Evento Founder Ophir Zardok discusses how his product works on Facebook, allowing fans to select tickets right next to their friend’s seats, as well as place purchase announcements on the buyer’s Facebook Timeline. This type of technology works across other platforms, including collaboratively with existing rights holders’ ticket agencies, and could change the face of ticketing technology forever. Zardok finishes the episode with a discussion of his charity work, attempting to bring both Israeli and Palestinian children together under the umbrella of sport. Twitter: @ZOphir

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  1. Gerardo
    May 9, 2013 at 5:42 pm — Reply

    Congratulations Ophir your driven motivated passion it’s already changing the face of sport business and the best of all is your heart sincere dream of bringing Palestinian and Israeli children together under umbrella of sport. Congrats again

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