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Ep. 230 – Jon Spoelstra (Sports Marketing Legend)

If you are going to point to one pioneer of revenue development, Jon Spoelstra should be at the very top of the list. Spoelstra has been part of over 1,000 sellouts. Author of one of the most notorious books in sports administration history “How To Sell the Last Seat In The House” which he sells on his website for $800, Spoelstra can get that price based on the valuable information he provides. Considered the godfather of the mini-pack, Spoelstra is now working on a follow-up to that book called “The Ultimate Toolkit to Sell the Last Seat In The House” with Steve Delay, which promises to be an industry best-seller. Now retired from the day-to-day life of selling tickets, Spoelstra was the genius behind creating sell-outs for the moribund New Jersey Nets in the 1990s as their team president and the Portland Trailblazers as their executive vice president. As president for 13 years at Mandalay Sports, Spoelstra rebranded the Triple-A Las Vegas Stars into the Las Vegas 51s to create a marketing and merchandising dream, as well as created one of the longest sell-out streaks in sports history with the Single-A Dayton Dragons, which has sold every ticket, to every game, every year, since their inception. Spoelstra has written three popular books on sales success including “Ice To Eskimos,” “Success Is Just One Wish Away,” and “Marketing Outrageously.” With a mantra of “What’s It Gonna Take?” to solve any revenue issues, Spoelstra’s legacy may end up being a rubber chicken in a FedEx box, which was sent to Nets season ticket holders.

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