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Ep. 281 – Steve DeLay (Co-author, The Ultimate Toolkit)

The real star of this episode isn’t Steve DeLay, it’s The Ultimate Toolkit, an 11-workbook effort co-authored with sports marketing legend Jon Spoelstra as a way to redefine ticket sales in the modern age. DeLay explains the various ways in which The Ultimate Toolkit came to form, including the reasons why its important for every franchise and athletic department to take a hard look at their revenue goals and ticket sales staff training. DeLay talks about why The Ultimate Toolkit offers up a lot of sales trainer secrets, including how to conduct group and season ticket sales, as well as boot camps. Delay also covers reasons why revenue generation sometimes remains a mystery to teams and how The Ultimate Toolkit can put each reader on the path to personal and professional success in the sports industry. Twitter: @SteveDeLay2

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