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Ep. 287 – Mike Veeck (Owner, St. Paul Saints)

Mike Veeck is part of baseball marketing lore. Veeck is third in the fourth generation of marketing geniuses which have graced baseball since William Louis Veeck Sr. became president of the Chicago Cubs in 1919 and created Ladies Day, bringing out more women to the ballpark. Not to be outdone, Mike Veeck’s father, Bill Veeck, was famous for “umpireless games” and sending 3-foot-7-inch Eddie Gaedel to the plate in a game. Now, Mike is the resident baseball marketing genius, running several minor league franchises including the independent St. Paul Saints, which has a pig deliver baseballs to the umpire and had “Senator Larry Craig Bobblefoot Night.” Mike Veeck talks about some of the aspects of sports marketing, as well as why major and minor league humor isn’t really that different, but that its more about implementation. The “Fun Is Good” author & czar suggests that while social media has some great communications factors for teams, the live experience needs to be pushed harder with more customer service and fan access to heroes in order to thrive in the new sports economy of the digital age. Twitter: @MikeVeeck

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