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Ep. 291 – Reed Kuhn (Author, Fightnomics)

As M.M.A.’s popularity explodes, so do the various options used to measure a fighter’s success. Author Reed Kuhn comes onto the podcast to talk about his book, Fightnomics, which looks at breaking down statistical factors in where a fighter’s focus is on and questions various fighting tactics over the years. What really matters in a fight? What surprising factors don’t? Kuhn discusses why the M.M.A. is ready for a Moneyball era of its own and how analytics can change the entire playing field. Common theories about MMA get put to the test with a little bit of science, and a whole lot of numbers. And so much more. Kuhn talks about how the fight game will never look quite the same after the book’s examination how fights go down, and what really matters in a cage fight. Twitter: @Fightnomics

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