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Ep. 297 – Amber Lilyestrom (Assoc. AD of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives, UNH)

At the FCS level, everything runs on a very thin budgeted operational staff in order to carry out various tasks. The University of New Hampshire Athletic Department is no different, especially when it comes to branding and marketing efforts, overseen by Amber Lilyestrom. The means dedicating a lot of time, resources and sweat equity to various tasks personally that would otherwise be handed by a staff at the FBS level. Lilyestrom talks about her management style, including some of the promotions that she has implemented. Lilyestrom also as NACMA Board Of Director/3rd Vice President and has plenty of duties to attend to, and explains that each of these tasks doesn’t distract from her biggest focus, being a new mother. Twitter: @AmberLilyestrom

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