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Ep. 300 – Kevin Miller (Assistant Athletic Director/Development, West Virginia)

To properly celebrate the 300th podcast episode, there is a little bit of history between the origins of the Tao of Sports and Kevin Miller, who was an original listener back with the first episode was released. Far be it from any podcast not to honor an early adopter. Miller talks about his own personal and professional goals, stemming from his time at Central Florida, Georgia State and his alma mater West Virginia, and tries to answer the pressing question of whether one can truly separate their emotional ties to a school that they now work at. Miller discusses his first fundraising calls, a remarkable 0-for-26 streak which helped him grow as a development officer into the person that he is today. The 300th episode also marks several new beginnings for the podcast, including completely original composed music and a new intro, because the worst thing anyone can ever do in the sports industry is stand still and not continue to change for improvement. Twitter: @KMillionaire

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