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Ep. 341 – Allison Strekal (President, Reno Big Horns)

When this podcast was recorded, Allison Strekal had only one day on the job as the president. That’s when you know things happen quick in the sports industry. Strekal sat down for the podcast, and held her own under her new title position. Strekal shares some of the challenges of the Big Horns brand as well as her vision of what she wants the franchise to be during the off-season. Strekal has been working for the team for several years, starting off with her initial role of a 20-hour a week inside sales rep for the team. Strekal talks about her experiences in trying to sell the NBADL product to the Reno locals, as well as some of the various promotions that the team has highlighted over the years, including ones with current NBA star Jeremy Lin.

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