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Ep. 347 – Russell Scibetti (VP, KORE Software)

Russell Scibetti has helped revolutionize the sports business conversation since 2008 with his blog, TheBusinessOfSports.com, as well as the expansive #SBWEEK that has sought to build a networking capability across the global for those in the business. That’s Scibetti’s passion, as well as his extensive work in data analytics and CRM with The New York Jets and now as VP of KORE Software. Scibetti shares his thoughts on the data revolution undertaking sports sales departments, as well as striving to gain mass certification of sports management programs in order to ensure that they are creating specific standards for tomorrow’s leaders in the industry. Twitter: @RScibetti

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  1. […] years ago, Russell Scibetti was on the podcast (Ep. 347), and returns now to talk about helping foster the big data revolution to sports business. Scibetti […]

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