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Ep. 356 – Adam Haukap (Executive Director, Arkansas State)

One of the rising stars of college athletics is Adam Haukap, who returns to the podcast as a new member of Arkansas State’s Red Wolves Foundation. Haukap talks about a portion of the industry that rarely gets discussed: Transitioning to a new place when you are already at the top of your game. Haukap moved from a senior associate athletic director role at Oklahoma State to Arkansas State, to challenge himself further in the field. Haukap discusses “the move” which meant having his family in one state, working in another, and driving 8 hours back home to become a weekend parent and husband until everything was settled. Haukap also comments on the fact that he is a “dapper dresser” as well as his views on the value of perception that people have when making that first impression. Twitter: @AHaukap

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