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Ep. 379 – Nicole Bucholtz (Director of Marketing, Duquesne University)

Nicole Bucholtz introduces a fresh new marketing term to the podcast: “Duquesne-able.” It resides under the notion of what will and will not work within Duquesne University’s campus community standards for marketing and promotions at athletic events. Beyond that, Bucholtz shares her vision for making an energetic, fun atmosphere at Duquesne events, and how to engage the student population into attending on-campus games. Bucholtz talks about her past as a graduate assistant at Memphis, an intern at Embry-Riddle and some of the things she’s learned along the way, including how to connect and support other young professionals in the field, regardless if they are applying for the same positions or not. Twitter: @NicoleBucholtz

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    […] Ep. 379 – Nicole Bucholtz (Director of Marketing, Duquesne University) […]

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