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Ep. 407 – Marco Gentile (VP of Corporate Partnerships, Baltimore Orioles)

Understanding and engaging with corporate partnerships has been an ability of Marco Gentile since he was an intern with the Baltimore Orioles back in the mid-1990s. Rising through the ranks with the Orioles to National Account Sales Manager after 11 years, Gentile left the Orioles for Washington, D.C., to oversee Corporate Sales for the Washington Mystics, Capitols and Wizards. Now back with the Orioles in his first season as the Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Gentile discusses the best ways to develop great relationships that build to long-term growth with each client. Gentile discusses how the Oriole Way, in terms of the mindset that permeates throughout the franchise, helps protect the Camden Yards brand by ensuring that clients have to become a good match with the franchise’s image and appearance throughout the venue. Gentile looks back at his tenure as an intern, speaks about the great opportunity, and how that may be lost on today’s generation as internships start to wane due to lawsuits over a lacking pay structure to the internship experience model. Twitter: @MarcoGentile

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