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Ep. 414 – Angelina Lawton (CEO, Sportsdigita)

Sports sponsorship decks and ticket brochures are easily some of the worst materials to deliver to the best clients. They often come in the form of rudimentary PDFs, one-sheet paper proposals or Microsoft Powerpoints that convolute the process rather than help it. Sportsdigita’s CEO Angelina Lawton may have discovered the solution to these types of issues with the founding of her company, which has started to revolutionalize a digideck and ebrochure model that incorporates video, audio, photography and online presentation. Lawton discusses some of the issues that stem from the cumbersome process of developing a typical deck, especially the time spent by corporate sales staff attempting to manufacture one, that can be saved by utilizing Sportsdigita’s service. Twitter: @AngelinaLawton

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