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Ep. 417 – Amen Teter (Director of Global Sports, Octagon)

Action sports is going through a boom, as more of the world’s attention is paid upon it. Octogan’s Director of Global Sports Amen Teter discusses some of the various ways in which the world of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and other action sports have grown up to affiliate with some of the largest corporate brands in the world. This is remarkable turnaround from where it was only a few decades ago, when action sports relied heavy on VHS tape exchanges and underground circuit events, compared to the large-scale attention paid on it since ESPN’s X-Games. Teter represents pro skateboarding and teen sensation Mitchie Brusco, veteran Andy McDonald, and Snowboarding Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson. Teter also recognizes how the reduction of camera size for products such as the Go Pro have made Youtube sensations out of action sports stars such as pro surfer Alana Blanchard, whom Teter represents, and where the entire arena is headed in the future for most that choose to participate, as well as attempt to become brands themselves. Twitter: @AmenTeter

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