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Ep. 425 – Dr. Kirk Wakefield (Executive Director, Baylor S3)

The Baylor S3 program aims to be completely unparallelled in its instruction compared to most academic sports management classes out there. Focusing on Sports, Sales and Sponsorship as its top three core programming components, it’s Executive Director Kirk Wakefield feels that there is a shift in the paradigm toward the discrimination that most sports management programs have. Typically because there is a focus on actually selling the sports product, rather than merely talking about it. Wakefield presents his argument for changing the attitudes of students, to help them understand that being a paid spectator is not a viable option in the sports world, as well as bringing forth new ideas to ensure that the students that graduate from the Baylor S3 program at the forefront of new methodology and technology for the sports industry. Twitter: @KirkWakefield

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