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Ep. 438 – David McElwee (VP Ticket Sales, Washington Nationals)

The Washington Nationals brand has been able to flourish in the nation’s capital, something that could not be said for the two other versions of Major League Baseball which have existed there during the last hundred years prior. David McElwee discusses how The Nationals have maintained supremacy over the summers in D.C., despite the fact that the area’s favorite sport of choice is politics. McElwee imparts his wisdom on how to eliminate that divide, especially when there are groups of stark differences who have to be catered to within the ballpark at the same time. McElwee covers some of the things that have made news for The Nationals in recent years, including the ticket restrictions on Phillies fans and outfielder Bryce Harper’s Spring Training tweet that ignited thousands of phone calls for a two hour window in March 2013.

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