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Ep. 442 – Jeramie McPeek (VP of Digital, Phoenix Suns)

Jeramie McPeek has been with the Phoenix Suns since 1992. He’s witnessed the transition from print to online, as well as how to digitally engage each fan along the way. McPeek discusses some of the platforms used in order to achieve that engagement, along with facing the fact that major brands are also at the mercy of the platform algorithms that alter communicating with the fans or followers that have already asked to receive that information entirely. McPeek also attended The Sports Fan Summit in Melbourne, Australia in July 2014 with the Tao of Sports host, and they chat about the engagement as well as learning atmosphere of the Australian sports business crowd, and running in terror from the Australian possum (google it, trust us, those things were scary). Twitter: @JMcPeek

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