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Ep. 450 – David Paitson (Assoc. AD/Revenue, Sam Houston St)

Realizing revenue is one of new facets of athletic departments, and David Paitson is bringing his professional experience to the FCS level to prove it. Paitson oversees the FCS powerhouse Sam Houston State’s revenue streams as an associate athletic director, and covers a lot of the ground of what it takes to generate actual income at the lower Division I levels. Paitson discusses some of the ways that Sam Houston State has been able to separate itself from the competition, including how to draw an audience amid professional teams and FBS schools fighting for the BCS crown. Paitson gives his thoughts on the Power 5 decision of autonomy, what that could mean for the FCS level as a whole, and why its sometimes a better fit for a school to stay a big fish in a little pond. Twitter: @Paitson

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