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Ep. 458 – Meaghan Brooks (Dir of Community Relations, Oklahoma)

Community relations is a new component for college athletics, although it has been in the professional sports ranks for a long time. Meaghan Brooks has overseen the program at the University of Oklahoma since its inception in 2012, describing what seems like a political campaign as the Sooners perform over 100 school visits annually. Brooks shares her secret for staying on top of things: Organization. That may sound simple enough, but when she gets into the details, she reveals a complex world of ensuring that everything is in place, even when someone still notices the smallest issue and magnifies it post-event. Brooks talks about the main goal, which is showing how her department improves the attendance and revenue situation for Oklahoma, as well as her continued desire to make sure that the goodwill toward the community is long-term in the activities that UO athletic department perform on a weekly basis. Twitter: @MixMasterMegs

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