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Ep. 467 – David Marcus (SVP, ScoreBig)

The relationship between the primary and secondary market are discussed in deep detail with David Marcus, who helps run one of the largest ways to protect the branding of teams and promoters in both marketplaces. Marcus pinpoints the time in which the secondary market grew up, and everyone including Mom became aware of its power, and its not a sporting event that he cites. It’s a Disney-promoted concert which sent shockwaves throughout the nation and really drew a lot of attention toward the secondary market as a whole. Marcus sees the branding of teams as a key part of which ScoreBig can protect, while still offering the general consumer deals that clear seats and generate revenue. Marcus provides his theories on some of the best practices that teams can start to implement, and what the secondary market looks like, in relationship to the primary, in the future. Twitter: @DvdMarcus

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