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Ep. 486 – Stefan Szymanski (Author, Soccernomics)

Stefan Szymanski has had an interesting week ever since launching his April 23, 2015 blog post which was the shot heard around professional soccer. Using information from a source close to Major League Soccer, Szymanski detailed what he felt were specific issues with the MLS financial model, comparing it to both a pyramid scheme and suggesting the potential for the league’s collapse. This created a firestorm of online controversy, with readers both for and against his assertions, and even fostered a response from the MLS Commissioner Don Garber. Szymanski covers his post, point-by-point, on the podcast, as well as explains some of the reasonings behind each factor listed, addresses some of the issues that critics of his post had, and whether any new information has come out that has either confirmed or changed his view points. Twitter: @SSZY

Note: This podcast episode was the first time that I felt the need to expand the intro (over 10 minutes, which you can skip if you feel its not necessary) to explain not only my thoughts on the entire subject, but some of the issues surrounding Szymanski’s interview and blog post, as well as sports business financial systems in general.

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