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Ep. 499 – Alyssa Bosley (Professor, James Madison)

A key asset to any sports management program is having a professor who has worked in the field. James Madison’s Alyssa Bosley not only has experience in minor league baseball as an intern, but also has worked at JMU as the Director of Marketing. Utilizing that experience, Bosley shares how she is able to go off-textbook with her advance level discussions when students are looking to get into the sports industry with the most up-to-date and credible knowledge possible. Bosley discusses her insights into how students are adapting to the online landscape, where a negative social media reputation may tank job prospects while a positive one may create an even brighter future beyond just a foot in the door. Bosley talks about her passion for education, and how she has managed to create a rich environment with her students when discussing advanced industry topics. Twitter: @AlyssaBosley

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