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Ep. 502 – Mark Alesia (Reporter, IndyStar)

Sports journalism is finally carving out investigative reporting beats for the business segments of the industry. Reporter Mark Alesia is one of those innovators in the field, digging up information that pulls back the curtain for the public on stadium financing, pricing and secondary market tickets. Alesia continues to maintain his impartiality to the process, filing Freedom of Information Act requests in an effort to show the public exactly where their money goes and why when it comes to sports. Alesia discusses some of the hotter topics around the Indianapolis area, especially concerning the Indy Eleven stadium financing plan for an MLS franchise, as well as the fall-out from the Religion Freedom Law which showed politics at its worst, and sports as its best social justice moment. Alesia presents several options for why journalism in sports and for news is gravely important for protection of the public trust. Twitter: @MarkAlesia

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