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Ep. 504 – Tony Knopp (CEO, TicketManager)

Tony Knopp has been in the primary and secondary markets, working for AEG, StubHub and now his own venture, TicketManager. Knopp discusses some of the various ways in which corporate tickets have become a wasteland for businesses when they don’t have credible data to support their usage rates. That’s where Knopp feels his business has the solution, providing real time analytics which ensure proper tracking of tickets, as well as ways to track who received them and the R.O.I. attached to each cultivation period by the company. Knopp delves into the deep dark world of the secondary market, as well as showcases some of the reasons that resellers are beating out the primary market, mainly due to inefficiencies by franchise executives and their staff. It’s no-holds barred discussed by Knopp, and definitely should turn some heads for those that listen. Twitter: @TonyKnopp

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