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Ep. 509 – Geoff Lester (Head of Partnerships, StubHub)

The undisputed king of secondary market distribution channels is StubHub, a company that Geoff Lester helped drive partnerships for in the last four years. Lester has a background in traditional sports business, with 12 years at NASCAR prior to his time with the secondary market king. Lester discusses some of the issues surrounding legal action over what a ticket really is – a revocable license or a good to be sold as well as traded. Lester focuses in on the legislative front, where several key states are making decisions which make create vertical monopolies that may not be in the public’s best interest. Lester also speaks to why its a great thing that multiple platforms sell tickets, keeping the price lower, as well as the issue of fraud or counterfeit tickets isn’t as large as the mainstream media makes it out to be. Twitter: @geoff_lester

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