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Ep. 511 – Mark Majeski (Athletic Department Consultant)

When discussing the athletic director’s chair and the challenges that go with it, a consultant is required to have a short-hand knowledge of every component that happens within that role. Mark Majeski has had over 25 years of athletic administration experience at the small college level, serving as Athletic Director at two Division III institutions. Majeski describes his time at UC Santa Cruz, which had a media storm descend on campus during the mid-1990s from national and international press due to its mascot being featured in the film ‘Pulp Fiction’ and whether Santa Cruz ever changed as a result, or missed on an opportunity to capitalize on the attention. Majeski also shares his tenure at Williamette University, where he served over a decade in the athletic director’s position, and some of the differing challenges that rose up until the end of his tenure in 2011. Majeski details some of the issues facing college athletics, especially at the small college level, and not just financial, but philosophic, as athletic administration and coaching change with the times of both expectations from the student-athlete as well as the education system on campus. Twitter: @MajeskiMark

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