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Ep. 512 – Bill Dorsey (Executive Director, ALSD)

Premium seating has been around since the Romans, but Bill Dorsey has seen the growth of the VIP areas in sports facilities since he started the Association of Luxury Suite Directors with 13 members. Dorsey explains some of the origins in modern sports, and why the luxury space has become a mainstay in state of the art facilities, only rivaling broadcasting rights as a top franchise revenue generator. Dorsey discusses the advent of conferences, and why they are so valuable to build up a key network when seeking jobs in sports, as well as how they can continue to be an asset long-term in career development. The ALSD Conference is celebrating its’ 25th Anniversary July 6-9, 2015 in San Francisco, and features some of the largest sports executive parties of the year, along with some great programming. Twitter: @TheALSD

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